Singapore Women Artists Association Dialogue: What is the 'good' in Art / Gender Art

The newly formed Women Artists Association welcomes you to attend the dialogue session.
45 min Dialogue and 15 min Q&A.
Hear from diverse panellists who are well-known stakeholders in the art circle, inclusive and of different generations.
Let yourself be heard too.
If you do not want your photo or video to be taken, please inform kim on the spot.

Held in conjunction with IWD 1018's WAA Art exhibition on till 12 March.
Enjoy the post event reception and artists' network.

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What is Dialogue about:

International Womens Day 2018 Women Artists Association Exhibition
Women Artists Association Dialogue: What
s the goodin Singapore art:
A panel of men and women in Singapore art

Moderated by Richard Chua

In the Singapore art scene, definitions of what’s good and bad art vary. Not only the differentiation brings about aesthetical judgements and discussions among collectors, writers and artists, works by woman artists have also been viewed with a different light. This brings about another layer of aesthetics judgement. From sculptor Elsie Yu’s remarks made in 1987: “If I showed up in a feminine dress like this, people don’t believe I’m a sculptor!”1, to Susie Lingams question in Text and Subtext forum in 2000: What does gender have to do with art?, in response to how materials in sculpture could be made into a femininesculpture perhaps this forum on women artists could take stock of the above suggestions made in the past about associations between women and art, and women and the identity of their works.2

Today, in 2018, do women artist still get discriminated or viewed differently from their counterparts? Do women need to produce art-works that reflect their gender?

Panelists: Ching Seok Tin, Bernice Lau, Dr Lim Poh Teck, Hou Sou Ping and Choy Weng Yang

Prepared by: Richard Chua

1 De Souza, J. (1987, October 28). Elsie Yu: Lady of steel. The Straits Times, p. 25. Retrieved from NewspaperSG.

2 Nadia Arianna Bte Ramli (2016) Soft Hands but Steely Hearts: Women and Their Art

Sat Mar 10, 2018
2:00 AM - 3:00 AM SGT
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Hwa Chong Cultural Centre
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Venue Address
681 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269782 Singapore
Artists Dialogue on Singapore Women Artists organised by Women Artists Association